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Welcome to the BRAND NEW AND PROFITABLE  Big Star Moving Affiliate Program, one of the best pay-per-lead referral programs on the net! With our program, affiliate marketers can earn money for introducing new users to the Big Star Moving community.

We have two main programs, both of which have very competitive affiliate commissions:

1) Customers: We will pay you up to $50 for each new lead you send us who endup using our services.

2) Fans: We will pay you $0.50 for each new fan you send us who signs up for Big Star Moving as a friend or a fan. This is best-suited to affiliates with No time and no esperience.

We're consistently considered one of the best affiliate programs, with some of the highest EPC, best affiliate support, and freshest "swipe content" of any b2b lead generation program.

There are Several Ways You Can Get Started:     

  • Place links to Big Star Moving on your website or blog.
  • Have a job or entrepreneurship-focused site? Use our affiliate-enabled RSS job and contractor listing feeds to generate fresh content in realtime.
  • Writing articles on online blogs, facebook, twiter or other social networks? Simply copy and paste your link and share it to increase and start getting paid for your referrals.
  • Start a CPC campaign on Google AdWords using our affiliate links.
  • We even created an affiliate site with online tools and developer APIs for those super-affiliates that want to get creative with their CPA lead generation.

With all these options, there's no reason you can't turn your affiliation with Big Star Moving into real money. We look forward to hearing from you!

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