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  1. "DO NOT" sign a contract if the TOTAL cost of your move is not clearly shown. The current date and time must be included when you sign the contract.

  2. "DO NOT" sign a contract unless it is given to you PRIOR to wrapping, packing or loading your goods.

  3. "DO" get a copy of the contract immediately upon signing.

  4. FORM OF PAYMENT-every moving company must accept at least two of the following payment methods:

    * Cash (Includes cashier's check, money order or traveler's check)
    * Personal Check (Must show imprinted name and address)
    * Credit Card (Must include but not limited to VISA or MasterCard)

  5. Valuation Coverage-If your goods become damaged or lost, the moving company is

Required to reimburse you only sixty cents ($.60) per pound/per article. If you have a 50 Pound television set worth $300 and it is damaged or lost, you are only entitled to a maximum reimbursement of $30, unless you purchase additional coverage.

(Please initial your choice–on the date of the move)

______I accept the standard coverage of $.60 per pound/per article

______I prefer additional coverage as clearly defined in the contract-for an additional

fee as specifically itemized in the contract.

I approve of the total moving contract price of $_________________________

which includes all inventory preparation, labor, transportation, packing materials/costs, storage and any additional valuation coverage. The final cost cannot exceed the written estimate by more than ten (10%)percent (as long as there are no additions on the day of the move).

_______________________________ _____________ ____________

Customers's Signature Date Time Signed

_______________________________ _____________ ___________

Mover's Signature Date Time Signed

If you have concerns about any move that began and ended in Broward, Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County and not resolved by your moving company, please contact the appropriate consumer protection agency where your move ended.




Palm Beach

Agency Name

Consumer Affairs Div

Consumer Services Dept

Consumer Affairs Div.


115 S Andrews Ave
Annex Room A460
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301

140 West Flagler St
Room 902
Miami, Fl 33130

50 S Military Trail
Suite 201
West Palm Beach, Fl 33415


(954) 765-5350

(305) 375-3677

(561) 712-6600 (Main)
930-5124 (Boca/Glades-toll free)


(954) 765-5309

(305) 375-4120

(561) 712-6610


This disclosure form must be provided to the consumer with the written estimate. The form must be signed by the customer and moving company prior to any work being performed. Original copy to the customer.

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